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American Standard Faucets Offer Sleek Design And Sophisticated Style

When you are tired of using that old kitchen faucet and are ready to replace it, you have a lot more to choose from today than in years past. Companies like Delta, Kohler, American Standard, Moen and Price Pfister are constantly providing the consumer with high quality and innovative faucet solutions for your kitchen and bathroom. Here we will cover the options american standard faucets provide for your home. The next couple of paragraphs should help to guide you in the right direction by giving you some idea of what's new in kitchen and bathroom faucets today.

When you are remodeling or choosing a new faucet for your kitchen and/or bathroom, you need to consider what style you want and what functions will best suit your needs. Here is a short list of the styles that american standard faucets have to offer and the functionality of each.

American Standard Faucets

  • Single Handle Pull out Kitchen Faucet - This is a very versatile and practical option for a faucet. This kind of faucet allows you to be able to use it as a standard faucet or you can use the pull out spray nozzle to navigate and concentrate where you need to spray the water. They come in single hole, two hole or triple hole options depending on what add ons you want for your faucet.
  • Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet - These are wonderful for saving space when you have a limited amount of cabinet space. That is the main reason for this type of kitchen faucet, but in addition to this, they are unique and becoming quite popular. You can also find these in bathroom faucets.
  • Single Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet - These are great counter space savers and are practical water savers as well. These can be found with single or two hole options.
  • Double Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet - These look great and are very functional.

Now you have an idea of your choices in styles, what about materials and/or colors? You can find and purchase american standard faucets in brushed nickel, chrome, stainless steel or bronze and you can even find some colors like black, white or clear accessories. You really have to see the selection to believe it. Whatever kind of faucet or replacement repair parts you want, American Standard has it for you.

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Posted 2893 days ago
American Standard faucets are such a great investment. We purchased one year ago and it is still running great! I absolutely love it and use it on a daily basis. I would highly recommend purchasing one of these faucets.
Posted 2893 days ago
My bathroom is tiny and the single handle bathroom sink faucet is just what I need. I will be using the websites mentioned on the first page to hunt up one of these great faucets for my tiny bathroom.
Posted 2893 days ago
I was reading over your site as I am planning a redo for my kitchen and really like the uniqueness of Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet. I would love to have a unique faucet, and be the talk of all my friends.
Posted 2908 days ago
What an incredible feature the single handle Pull out kitchen faucet has! The pull out spray nozzle just makes it easy, the line does not get hung up under the cabinet and it makes clean up super easy!