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Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucets Add Elegance

Designing a kitchen or bathroom is always a tall order. There are so many choices to make, and each choice must fit together with an overall strategy. When it comes to visual appeal, in such a small room as bathrooms usually are, having continuity among features is important. In a larger room like a kitchen. designers may take more leeway and incorporate different finishes into the design. No matter what the style or what the budget, brushed nickel kitchen faucets are always a popular choice and can make any room look elegant and pulled together.

Brushed nickel kitchen faucets come in all shapes and sizes. They can have a single handle or two handles; they can narrow or perhaps and 8 inch widespread. These water faucets can stand on the countertop (for example, when used with a standard sink) or they can be a nickel wall mount faucet. Wall mounts are used with vessel sinks, and some bathtubs, and are gaining in popularity. Kichens look great when finished off with a pretty nickel faucet (or faucets), and nickel lavatory faucets are a simple and elegant choice as well.

Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucets

One can find brushed nickel kitchen faucets from nearly every major faucet retailer. Brands such as Delta are extremely popular and easy to find. Shoppers may also want to check out Pfister and Pegasus as other quality brands from which to choose their faucets.  As far as price of these faucets is concerned, it is true that a shopper will likely pay a bit more for a brushed nickel faucet than he or she would for a chrome faucet, or even, in some cases, a stainless steel faucet. However, given the mass appeal of this elegant finish, in many cases the extra money is worth the investment, especially in a remodel or fixer-upper job that is designed to be sold. To help combat high prices, some people have turned to online faucet retailers, rather than shopping at local home supply stores or national chains. Some websites to check out include,, and Of course, the quality of the faucet is more important than price!

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Types of Kitchen Faucets

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Why Waterridge Faucets Might Be Right For You

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Posted 2893 days ago
I am looking to add a bit of whimsy to my kitchen and was considering a vessel sink. I have always loved a nice brushed nickel faucet and will likely be getting a wall mount version to go with my vessel sink.
Posted 2893 days ago
I prefer to shop online for my preliminary searches on most products, and I am glad you mentioned online sources for shopping from. I can now go online and find the product I am looking for, and then decide how to purchase it for the best price going.
Posted 2893 days ago
I am remodeling my kitchen and have been torn whether to go with a stainless steel faucet or a brushed nickel. I believe that we will not be in the house for more than a couple more years, and after reading your article, I am going with the brushed nickel for resale value.
Posted 2901 days ago
I enjoyed what you wrote about how small spaces should have continuity among their features. I have a small kitchen and was looking at all the different faucet designs out there. I was considering whether to stick with one finish or change it up and have decided to stay with one common finish so as to blend the room together.