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Home Plumbing Supplies For Do-It-Yourself Success

The uncertain, and sometimes downright miserable, economic situation of today has turned many homeowners into do-it-yourself specialists, on projects all the way from drywall and lawn care to plumbing and heating. More and more people are looking to save a buck or two on their home improvement projects, and with the abundant advice available online, most people can manage simple plumbing projects on their own. In order to start a plumbing project, it's important to research the requirements and do your shopping ahead of time, as you will need the proper home plumbing supplies to finish the job. Whether you're working on the kitchen or bathroom, heating, or water supplies, it's imperative to be prepared.

One of the most common do-it-yourself home plumbing projects is to replace or repair a leaky or outdated plumbing fixture, perhaps a faucet at the kitchen or bathroom sink, for example. In order to do this, the home plumbing supplies necessary include a wrench and plumber's putty. In some cases, you may need to buy new supply lines or drain lines, but chances are, if a working faucet exists, you can use the existing lines, or the lines that come in the box with the new faucet. Changing out a shower fixture is not difficult either. In addition to the wrench, expect to add some caulk and perhaps a brush to clean out the supplies that lead to the faucet, which can sometimes become clogged or dirty.

Home Plumbing Supplies

Most general plumbing supply needs can be taken care of by a local hardware store. One popular brand is Crane plumbing supplies. In some cases, specialized materials may not be available at a general store, and in that case, a plumbing supplies store may be the only answer. Some supplies can be found online, provided that the repair man or do-it-yourself handyman has the time to order supplies and then wait for them to come in.

When attempting a job as a non-professional, it's important to find out not only the home plumbing supplies that you'll need to do the job, but also to thoroughly understand the processes involved with the given task. The Internet can also provide plenty of resources in this area, as well. Be sure to read a few articles, and gravitate towards those that feature professionals. If you follow these steps, your home plumbing project can be a success!

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Repairing Tub and Shower Faucets

By Paul R Turner
The valves and spouts for tubs and showers are serviced like those on lavatories--with two important exceptions. The diverter valve, which directs water to tubs and showers, is special. And you may encounter and access problem repairing leaks from a wall-mounted stem valve.

How to Re-Design a Bathroom With the Newest Bath Tub Faucets

By Fay Salmons
After a long day, one of the things you would be craving for is a warm long bath. A great bath tub can become your best friend at the end of the day. Many people upgrade their tubs with bath tub faucets to make it more delightful to use.

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Posted 2832 days ago
Due to economic times we have done a variety of projects on our own. We have invested in a few books to help us learn how to complete these projects and overall it has saved us money. Yet, if I had the extra money I sure would have hired a professional to complete the work.
Posted 2848 days ago
Oh what great advice for the do it yourselfer, research the project before you get underway so that you are ready to go and have the proper supplies on hand to complete the project. I wish my husband would have read this before he dug in and I ran back and forth to the hardware store a bunch of times!