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Find The Kohler Bathroom Faucet That Can Define Or Accentuate Your Bathroom Space

For many homes, the bath is a room that tends to only be a place that serves its function, and that is it. However, for those that want to transform this simple functionary space into something that has a touch of elegance, or contemporary feel to it, there are many things that can be done to add that kind of touch, but nothing sets the tone for a bathroom like the right Kohler bathroom faucet.

Regardless of what kind of tone and feeling you want to set in your bathroom, you can find the right faucet to accentuate the look, or to define it. For the absolute finest in modern bathroom faucets, you simply can not go wrong with the K-7914-4 Alterna sheetflow spout. With its simple, yet capturing design, this is definitely something that will change the look of your bath forever. However, this model is a bit on the higher end of the price scale, so that is something to be considered. Another great example of a great contemporary fixture piece that is a bit more affordable, would be the very classic, smooth look of the K-10087-9 Oblo wall mount lavatory faucet.

Kohler Bathroom Faucet

Now, for a Kohler bathroom faucet that is on the other end of the spectrum, in terms of style and design, the K-108-3 Antique widespread lavatory faucet. This is the kind of very classic design that, with other Kohler Antique accessories, simply transforms a bath into a very elegant space. On top of that design, another beautiful piece is the K-138 lavatory faucet with escutcheon and lever handle, that brings so much charm to the bath space, that you'll find every excuse to use it.

As you can see, with such a wide variety of models of faucets available from Kohler, from very fresh and contemporary designs, to the very classic, elegant and even charming styles mentioned above, to the simple, yet stylish K-10272-4 Forte design - it isn't a problem finding something that can define the look and feel that you want for your bathroom. The problem may very well be simply deciding which one you like best!

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Posted 2893 days ago
We just helped my mom install a new faucet in your bathroom. The faucet we replaced was from 1970! She chose a Forte faucet with the lever handles. It looks great in her spruced up bathroom, and what a great new look it has!
Posted 2908 days ago
My bathroom remodel is going to be very modern, with unique features. I have been searching for just the right bathroom sink, and the Alterna is just what I was looking for. This sheetflow spout is just the unique feature I am looking for.
Posted 2935 days ago
Thank you for introducing me to the Antique widespread faucet by Kohler. I am reading my half bath and was looking for an old style look faucet and this is just it! What an incredibly cute faucet for any bathroom.