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Single Handle Faucets - Styles For The Kitchen And The Bath

As you may, or may not know, the the bathroom and the kitchen are the two places in the home that many potential buyers look at more than anything else, and something that many times gets overlooked when renovations take place or upgrades are installed in particular, is the single handle faucets that are found in most kitchens. Most people think of floors and appliances when updating a kitchen, but having the right faucet can really bring a kitchen together and complete the look and feel you are going for.

All of that being said, we're going to take a look at a variety of designs from a number of different manufacturers to really showcase how much impact having the right kitchen faucet can make.

Single Handle Faucets

When it comes to single handle faucets, what most people initially think of is the kind of "lever" faucet that the majority of homes and apartments have installed in the kitchen. To replace this generic and bland faucet and give the kitchen some real charm and character, the Jado Glance and Shogun series of single lever faucets are a perfect fit in any kitchen space. Also, to be fair to the bathroom, which is another area where the fixtures tend to get overlooked, you can get a great Danze D225521 Antioch bathroom faucet to give that space a more modern and streamlined look.

Back to the kitchen, where single handle faucets have the spotlight in the home. While traditional designs are great, when you are looking for something different, that adds a touch of elegant, yet modern functionality to your cooking and cleaning needs in the kitchen, then the American Standard Culinaire Hi-Flow Pull Out faucet is just the thing. The style is very streamlined and smooth, while the design and functionality of the faucet, where it allows you to simply pull the "head" of the spout out of the neck for flexible maneuvering so that you can get the water exactly where you need it, is unprecedented. Simply put, you're going to be hard pressed to find any single handle faucets that can quite measure up to what this one can do!

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Types of Kitchen Faucets

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Posted 2893 days ago
What great details about how a single handle faucet in either bathroom or kitchen can really spruce up the whole design and give it more charm for your buck. You also mentioned some that are streamlined and that is a popular feature of rooms these days.
Posted 2893 days ago
What a great point you make about how a faucet can make or break the kitchen upgrade. I find that as a real estate professional, the kitchen is one of the rooms that are looked at closely.
Posted 2904 days ago
I recently was house hunting and looked at approximately 50 houses in the course of about 5 weeks. I saw many kitchens I liked, and many that didn’t. One feature I really liked was a single handle faucet the sad part is that I ended up purchasing a house without this feature. Someday when I update it, I will put in a single handle faucet.