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Vessel Sink Faucets Give Instant Facelift

In today's miserable housing market, many people are turning to remodeling as an alternative to trying to sell a home in a depressed market, or to obtaining financing for a new home purchase in an ultra-tight credit market. Remodeling can provide the extra space that families need. Remodeling can also allow homeowners to upgrade features or update a space, which makes the home more attractive to buyers when the eventual decision to sell is made. Some prime areas to remodel include the kitchen and bathrooms. Both of these options can include updating sinks and faucets, and one increasingly popular option is to use vessel sinks and vessel sink faucets. Vessel faucets are also popular options for bar sinks and service sinks, as well.

In contrast to a standard sink, which sits recessed into the countertop of the kitchen, bath, or bar, a vessel sink sits on top of the countertop. Therefore, the faucets that accompany these sinks are of a different style and look than a standard faucet. Replacing standard sink faucets with a vessel sink faucet is sure to increase the appeal of any room. To install a new faucet can provide an instant face lift! Vessel faucets can stand on the countertop, or they can even be mounted to the wall. Faucets that stand on the countertops are generally tall and sleek. Those that protrude from the wall can be more ornate, but generally tend to remain more sleek and understated.

Vessel Sink Faucets

Almost every major faucet company offers vessel sink faucets. They come in a variety of finishes, including brushed nickel, stainless steel, and oil-rubbed bronze. A brass bathroom sink faucet is also a popular option. Consumers can shop options from companies such as Delta, Price Pfister, Pegasus, Moen, and more. Vessel sinks may cost a bit more than a standard faucet. Basic models generally start around two hundred dollars, and may even run in excess of four or five hundred dollars.

When installing vessel sink faucets, proper placement is essential. Since the faucets sit higher up, if the water does not enter the sink at the proper angle, it will result in splashing and soaking whoever happens to use it. When turned on, the water should hit squarely over the drain of the sink. Vessel faucets usually install in just one hole. If a stone countertop is being used, make sure the contractor knows where to cut the countertop to ensure proper faucet placement.

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Types of Kitchen Faucets

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Why Waterridge Faucets Might Be Right For You

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Budget-conscious homeowners have probably come across the lesser-known WaterRidge Faucets and wondered whether the low price of these products also means low quality. Firstly, some background on the brand: WaterRidge is, on paper, a Costco-exclusive brand manufactured by Globe Union, a large Taiwanese plumbing supplier. For those who don't have a Costco nearby, WaterRidge is also available on Overstock, Amazon, and other online stores.

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I love that you mention to always discuss with your contractor what you are going to be placing in. The plumping for the vessel sink will be a little different depending on where you will be placing the faucet.
Posted 2893 days ago
I always assumed that vessel sinks would only have wall mounted faucets. I never realized that they also offer tall sleek faucets to go with the vessel sinks. How great these would be on an island in the center of the kitchen.
Posted 2893 days ago
Oh I never really thought about how bad it could be if the faucet to a vessel sink was installed improperly. What a mess it could make and thus ruin the appeal of the newly redone area! Thank you for pointing out such critical information!
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What a great bit of information about remodeling instead of trying to sell in these tight economic times. A nice remodel will raise the value of your home for a future sale, while allowing you to enjoy your home even more.